Pleasure for yourself or the benefit for others: what motivates us to work?

Motivation plays a central role in our lives, but what do we actually know about

it? Do we understand how it arises? It is usually assumed that we are driven by the opportunity to get some external reward or benefit others. In fact, everything is much thinner and more complicated. We understand the day of labor, which gives our activity meaning.

What motivates us to go to goals, the achievement of which is difficult, dangerous and potentially painful? We could be pleased with life, sitting on the beach and sipping Mojito and, if it could be done like this every day, we would always be happy. But, although it is sometimes pleasant to devote several days to hedonism, I cannot imagine that you will be satisfied with life, thus spending days, weeks, months, years or all my life. Endless hedonism will not bring us satisfaction.

Studies that studied the problems of the happiness and meaning of life showed: what makes our life meaning far from always bringing us happiness. People who claim to feel meaning in their lives are usually more interested in helping others, and not seek pleasures for themselves.

But those who first of all take care of themselves are often happy only at the most superficial level

Of course, the meaning is a rather blurry concept, but it can be distinguished by its main features: the feeling that you live for something, your life has value and changes the world for the better. All this comes down to the fact that you feel like part of something more than you yourself.

Friedrich Nietzsche argued that we get all the most valuable and important in life from the fight against difficulties and overcoming obstacles. We all know people who find a deep meaning in life, even being in the most unfavorable circumstances. My friend works as a volunteer in the hospice and has been supporting people at the final stage of their lives for many years. “This is the opposite of birth. I am glad that I had the opportunity to help them go through this door, ”she says.

Other volunteers after oil spills laundered birds from sticky substance. A lot of people spend part of their lives in dangerous combat zones, trying to save the civilian population from illnesses and death or study orphans read.

They really have difficult them, but at the same time they see a deep meaning in what they are doing