My Dear John Letter to Alcohol Telling booze goodbye is a good way to by Julia Lawrinson Black Bear

Harnessing this power to write a letter to alcohol – a goodbye letter spelling out the end of your relationship – that is some serious power to harness. Patients in need of Heartland drug treatment can access a variety of programs that address addictions to different substances, including alcohol. When you stumble, it is tempting to just give up. When you focus on writing about why you decided to get sober, it will reinforce these reasons. You can write about how you knew you hit rock bottom and needed help.

But every day I will keep doing what I have to do to keep my obsession at bay — counseling, 12-step meetings, etc — so that I never have to see you again. And so that I can be there to help others who you might victimize. You were hanging around with my friends and me, and we just seemed to work well together. Alcohol,We have been together for such a long time. I first got involved with you aged 14 when I remember buying 4 beers with my cousin. This is the very reason that I created The Alcohol Off Switch blog, and this is the reason that I have decided to share my own letter with you here.

A Farewell Letter to Alcohol

My parents despised you and who I became with you around but I didn’t care about them because I loved you more. I knew that wasn’t the goodbye letter to alcohol examples way to be, but it was all I knew. I thought I could trust you to always fix things. Is it because I tried to pull away from you?

goodbye letter to alcohol examples

You said I was smarter than other people, even more attractive. I felt like if I had you by my side, I could conquer the world. This is my goodbye letter to addiction, a farewell to the false promises and illusions you created. I know that we will see each other from time to time but will not have contact. Social contacts may try to put us back together but our relationship is over. I am certain you will exist longer than I but am equally sure that by removing you from my life that I have lengthened and improved it.

Goodbye Letter to Alcohol Template

I liked the way you made me feel, but I didn’t like how I was around you. This is my letter to my addiction, a candid confession of our twisted relationship. I acted differently around my friends, I ditched school to be with you, I even spent my hard-earned money on you.

I had to admit my complete powerlessness over you in order to release your grip on my existence. But as I bear witness to you ripping through the lives of my friends, my family members, and my patients, I find it nearly impossible to surrender again. You would think I would have accepted this by now—that you want us dead—after battling with you my entire life. You would think I would stop being surprised as I hear about overdose after overdose… countless lives that you’ve taken hostage and pursued until the gates of death. I am the only person who can choose what I do, how I respond and where my life goes. I am the only one who can change my own mind, my thinking and my attitude.

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